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BDD MEDIA&ENTERTAINMENT is the leading Independent Entertainment company in the Hickory N.C. area. Since 2014, we’ve worked with a number of top figures in the entertainment industry and are helping rising stars reach their full potential. Whether you’re just starting out or are looking for your next great gig, let us take your career to the next level.

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B.rillliance, D.iverse, Dedicated

BDDENTERTAINMENT&MEDIA is fueled by a passion to lead our talents along their unique roads to fame and success. Our team is committed to providing clients with excellent services that exceed all of their expectations. Get to know our staff, and see how they can help achieve all of your aspirations today.



C.E.O. of Media Operations

At BDDENTERTAINMENT&MEDIA, we take pride in our exceptional media presents. Sherry Connelly brings many years of experience to the table and specializes in Radio and print media. So when you hear or see BDD ENTERTAINMENT&MEDIA on any type of media platform just know Sherry Connelly has her finger prints all over it.


C.E.O. of Event Planning

Lacosta Lever has been with BDD ENTERTAINMENT&MEDIA since 2017. During her time with the company, Lacosta has held several positions and has continue to climb the company latter. She is now the C.E.O. of Event planning for this company. With Lacosta Lever as the C.E.O of Event Planning, BDD ENTERTAINMENT&MEDIA will continue to bring you the best Independent Entertainment there is.



John T. Robinson is the owner and Chief Operating Officer of BDD ENTERTAINMENT&MEDIA. John T. Robinson founded this company in 2014 with the intentions of bringing the best independent talent from every genre, to the world. John T. Robinson and BDD ENTERTAINMENT&MEDIA has provided several platforms for artist to show there talents. These platforms include live musical and comedian concerts, Internet Radio, Television Talk shows and Independent films. John T. Robinson sole vision is to bring BDDENTERTAINMENT&MEDIA and there entertainers to the world.

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BDDENTERTAINMENT&MEDIA is home to some of entertainment’s brightest stars. What started off as a small agency in 2014 has since turned into an empire of talent.

Our Entertainment Company carefully choose those we represent, providing them a chance to boost their career by offering them entertainment and production opportunities. We’ve spent years growing relationships. Contact us today and see what we we can do for you.


"You will have those who will Love and support you. Then you will have those who will hate you know matter what you do. Just remember only you can define you"

John T. Robinson



Home to the best of the best in the entertainment industry, BDDENTERTAINMENT&MEDIA has been making our clients’ professional dreams come true since 2014. Our talented stars have been popping up on stages, screens, and magazine covers. Learn more about the talent we work with and how we have helped build their fame now.


Comedian & Actor

Blak Roze is an Independent Comedian and Actor who is been doing comedy for 3 1/2 years. Mr. Roze was cast to play the Character Andrew in the upcoming comedy film Momma's Baby Boy to premier in 2020. So if you are looking for a comedian or an actor there are several ways to contact him on the following sites.

Instagram :blakroze350

Twitter: @blakroze9

YouTube :blakrozecomedy



phone: 828475-5762



Actor, Producer, Writer and Comedian

At BDDENTERTAINMENT&MEDIA, we’re proud to put the spotlight on the latest works from our talented stars. Tony Barbadose has been with us for a year, landing a leading role in a an upcoming film Momma's Baby Boy to be premiered in 2020. Not only is he an actor  but he is writing and producing his own upcoming film. Now with all that please let's not forget he is a very funny comedian. So if you think you would be interested in his services here are the ways to contact him

Twitter: @tonybarbadose

YouTube: @tonybarbadose

Facebook: @tonybarbadose



phone: 1-828-475-5762



Model and Actor

Katrina is a professional actor and model.

Katrina has appeared in several television shows such as For my man, Greanleaf, Swamp Thing, Swagger, Mr. Mercedes Charm City, Messiah, Amazing Stories and she has a lead role in the upcoming film Momma's Baby Boy which will be coming out in the spring of 2020. Oh we forgot to mention that when Katrina is not on your television set you can watch her walking the runways wearing the hottest clothing designers like Phatz Clothing

Contact info

Instagram: Kdr1976



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Comedian and Actor

Since we opened our doors in 2014, we’ve come across a number of rising stars with the potential to reach celebrity status. Comedian Huebaby is our first comedian and is one of our many talents that has earned his superstar quality with a number of blockbuster comedy concerts. Comedian Huebaby was on the popular NBC television show Last comic standing from there he has traveled the country bring his style of comedy to the world. Read more about what Comedian Huebaby is up to and the successes of our other talents by contacting us.






Model, Actor and Host

At BDDENTERTAINMENT&MEDIA, we’re proud to put the spotlight on Ms. Shuante Fiya. Shuante has been with us for many years, in several capacities. Shuante has hosted Several live shows for BDD ENTERTAINMENT & MEDIA as well as being the Co-host of the television show called "The Hype Show" which was produced and directed by BDDENTERTAINMENT&MEDIA. Shuante is also a published model and has acted in several independent movies and some television shows. This spring you can find her on the big screen with a supporting role inthe upcoming comedy  Momma's Baby Boy with will hit the theaters in 2020. For booking




Since 2014, our talent has taken the industry by storm, making appearances in TV commercials, shows, movies, and more. Kenyana Humphries has been a pleasure to work with,her enthusiasm for her craft is contagious' Being the youngest member of the company we are excited to watch her grow and share her talent with the world. for booking contact us at.



Actor, Artist, writer and Model

Since we opened our doors in 2014, we’ve come across a number of rising stars with the potential to reach celebrity status. Ismail is one of our many talents that has earned their superstar quality with a number of blockbuster entertainment productions. He has been a hip-hop artist since 1997. He actually started writing songs in 1992. he recorded his first track in 1999.   When he is not concentrating on his music you can catch him on a screen near you because he is a very talented actor. But we are not done, You can also find Ismail walking the runways because he is a very sought after model. So if you would like to book Ismail for any of your events simply contact us


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Artist and Writer

At BDDENTERTAINMENT&MEDIA, we’re proud to put the spotlight on our talented Hip-Hop artist Mr. Black Inc. Black Ink has been with us for many years, landing our number one Hip-Hop artist for our company. Black Inc is an artist that not only will have you hanging on every word but all his lyrics will make you think. Black Ink dropped his first album R.I.S.E and was received by the hip-hop community with the highest acclaim. Then just one year later he released LYRICALLY SPEAKING and that also received great reviews. 21 years into the game he is still dropping great music for the world too enjoy, now our goal is to place him in the position of becoming a household name in the music industry. See what Black  Ink is working on now,'and how we can help you achieve the same success.

For booking contact us at

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The leader in Independent Entertainment

As the top Hickory N.C. based Independent Entertainment company, BDD ENTERTAINMENT&MEDIA has been making there mark by Creating  strong internet radio content, television talk shows and Independent films. So if you are a client of BDD ENTERTAINMENT&MEDIA we have several platforms for you



As the leader in Independent Entertainment we provide three different platforms for you to display your talents. One way is internet radio the second is through a television platform and the third way is through film. How is this possible, you ask. Simple we create, Write, produce,direct, film and distribute our own content. This is the secrete to us saying we are the leaders in Independent Entertainment.


We are happy to announce that the premier of our short film " Black Widows" was a huge success at the movies and now we are releasing it to the public. We are proud to say that you can now purchase the film or simply rent it. Just by a click of the button. We will be in the near future holding auditions for" Black Widows on the Run". To get more info just continue to check out the web page

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